Background for radar assembly

28. 06. 2024 | BACKSTAGE NEWS

We manufactured and built the radar assembly facilities for the US Army. The assembly is built of 8 living containers and a stair tower. In the backroom there are offices and a technical room. Now the assembly is being completed with a sanitary container. The walls are made of plasterboard. The heating is solved in the form of direct heating panels. The assembly also includes air conditioning.

Thanks to their many advantages, residential containers are becoming an increasingly popular solution for use in the military.

Advantages of living containers in the military:

– Quick deployment: containers can be easily and quickly transported and installed on site, reducing the time required to accommodate soldiers.

– Flexibility: Containers can be arranged and configured to suit individual needs and requirements.

– Convenience: Containers offer comfortable and hygienic accommodation with modern amenities.

– Mobility: Containers can be easily moved to another location if necessary.

– Durability: the containers are made of durable materials and are resistant to adverse weather conditions.

– Security: Containers can be equipped with security features such as security doors, windows or walls up to ballistic resistance class IV – VI.

– Low maintenance costs: Containers require minimal maintenance and are energy efficient.

The application of residential containers for the military finds wide application:

– Accommodation

– Washrooms

– Dining room

– Kitchen

– Hospital

– Command post

– Operating rooms

– Meeting room

– Liaison Node

– Warehouses

– Workshops

– Technology containers

– Porters’ rooms

– Laundry

– Gym

With the increasing demands on military operations and logistics, it can be expected that their importance will continue to grow, both in combat and humanitarian and training missions.