Modular buildings

Modular buildings are fast and inexpensive constructions that will perfectly fulfil their purpose and can easily be removed if necessary.

From building containers to residential complexes

Modular buildings are created by using one or more residential containers, which can be connected to form    a variety of building units. The use of prefabricated modules significantly shortens construction time and reduces cost. The range of applications is enormous, from building containers to sports facilities, offices or even nurseries. 

Modular buildings have no limit in their standard of design and use of any materials both indoors and on    the cladding. The final appearance depends only on    the purposes and possibilities of the builder. Without a doubt, we can call them modular houses.

Warex - Modulové stavby

The benefits of using modular buildings:


factory production with a maximum degree of completeness, while avoiding negative environmental effects. These include independence from weather conditions and considerable time savings, while at the same time carrying out earthworks and substructure on site and producing the upper construction in the factory.

Minimising environmental impacts directly at the site of modular building construction

with modular buildings, the negative impact of noise and dust during           the long construction period, which are typical problems for constructions using classic procedures, are practically eliminated.

Great time savings during the actual construction process

this is due to the considerable degree of completion directly from                   the factory, with only finishing and assembly work taking place on site.

Warex - Modulové stavby

We produce and build

In addition to its own production of residential, sanitary and combined containers, WAREX is also a major supplier of modular buildings. 

Throughout its existence, it has implemented a number of projects on the Czech and foreign markets, especially civic amenities, sports facilities and office complexes.

Modular buildings are delivered in the scope and design according to the customer’s wishes and of course according to the related service. Warex offers a full range of services, from finding a suitable location to handing over a fully finished building, also called a turnkey project. Of course, we comply with all parameters resulting from the requirements of fire protection, hygiene and safety.

Our company always implements modular buildings using an experienced project manager, who ensures trouble-free communication with the end customer and coordinates the professional design, preparation, production and implementation team.

Our customer service also includes:

The required project documentation

from the architectural study to providing             the documentation

Engineering activities

leading to the negotiation of project documentation and obtaining                           the appropriate permits and rulings

All related construction activities

ranging from earthworks, substructure, exterior modifications, paved areas, utility connections and fencing to the final landscaping

We’re just where you need us

We are an indispensable component for many construction companies, developers or other investors. We help in many places, from small villages to big cities. People need us if a bad life situation or a natural disaster occurs. Our unique feature is that we can get from place to place really fast, so we provide the help you need.

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Modular Buildings – Social background for sports hall

Place of construction: Svitavy CZ | Type: MODULAR BUILDINGS | Year: 2018 Place of construction: Svitavy CZ
Year: 2018

In 2018 we completed another construction of residential modules - social facilities for sports. It is a ground-floor building with a cold roof and suspended facade MPL

Modular Buildings – Housing module

Place of construction: Germany | Type: MODULAR BUILDINGS | Year: 2018 Place of construction: Germany
Year: 2018

Housing module in Germany. Built-up area 90m². Built from 4 modules.

Modular Buildings – Social housing

Place of construction: CZ | Type: MODULAR BUILDINGS | Year: 2019 Place of construction: CZ
Year: 2019

Social housing intended for Sweden. Modular construction from two modular containers.