Modular homes

Another advantage

Another advantage of modular construction projects is how easy they are to remove, but also how easy they are to expand. The easy removal of the building is advantageous especially in the case of temporary buildings, where another construction or the completion of the operation is expected in the future. In addition to operations typical for industry and construction, we can also mention nurseries, of which there were once too many in the Czech Republic at one point but there are now too few again. The modular building has the advantage that if it loses its function, it can either be removed relatively easily or, on the contrary, its purpose can be completed and adapted without a loss of functionality.

By connecting more modules

By connecting more modules next to each other, it is possible to create larger rooms, thus disproving                       the perception that modular constructions are only suitable for hostels and construction site facilities. Often, when some architectural design features are included, nobody would guess it was a modular house.

Why choose modular construction from WAREX?

Lengths up to 10 meters, width up to             3.5 meters and height up to 3.5 meters

We implement on request fire resistence and any other technical solutions above standard design

Variability, individual solutions, customer service

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We choose from realizations

Modular Buildings – Social housing

Place of construction: CZ | Type: MODULAR BUILDINGS | Year: 2019 Place of construction: CZ
Year: 2019

Social housing intended for Sweden. Modular construction from two modular containers.