Office buildings

Implementation and form of office buildings

The office building together with the hostel is the most common form of implementing a modular house.
The clearly defined function of the building, simple sanitary facilities, efficiency and economy of construction are easy conditions for modular construction.

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Temporary buildings

It is thus possible to create a temporary building with           a clear emphasis on economy according to the assignment. But it also gives the building a permanent character having a clear architectural intention that belies its modular origins.

Bigger office

It is also necessary to mention that implementing a larger meeting room or open space is not a problem. They can be created by interconnecting several individual residential modules.
Modular constructions can thus create a fully-fledged office building that meets all the requirements of     a modern, welcoming and functional working environment. Only the client’s vision of the project is the limit.

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Administrative facilities

Much more often, we encounter the need for administrative facilities for small operations (workshops, car services, paint shops, etc.). These are often only one or two offices, possibly complemented by a changing room and sanitary facilities. As these operations are variable and must respond flexibly to market demand, their facilities must also be variable, with the possibility of enlarging them, moving them to another location and the possibility to easily remove them. An interesting implementation is also for administrative logistic facilities inside production halls.

Why choose modular construction from WAREX?

Lengths up to 10 meters, width up to               3.5 meters and height up to 3.5 meters

We implement on request fire resistence and any other technical solutions above standard design

Variability, individual solutions, customer service

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