Sanitary containers

Sanitary containers are an essential part of every facility

A sanitary facility is part of every facility built from residential containers. This facility is most easily solved by sanitary containers. These are residential modules with     a hygienic function, which can be ordered according to the number of people who will use them. The level and quality of equipment and interior design may vary according to the location of the sanitary container.

Warex - Modulové stavby

Layout of sanitary containers

To simplify and accelerate, we have developed sanitary modules with different types of layouts. We meet               the requirements for the number of people who will use the sanitary facilities, the separation of areas used by men and women and the prevailing purpose of use. The sanitary container can include a complete bathroom with a toilet, or it can be a wash room only or only toilets.

Standardized solutions

Standardised solutions include a shower container, men’s toilets and women’s toilets a toilet and shower container,       an office with a toilet, and also a pair of containers, one of which is a toilet and kitchen, with an optional shower. All our sanitary containers in all variants meet the relevant hygienic standards.

Warex - Modulové stavby

Use of sanitary containers

In addition to the most common use on construction sites, sanitary containers can also be used on sports grounds, at swimming pools, camp sites, car parks and larger cultural events. The most common and recommended equipment for sanitary containers is based on long-term experience and we offer it with regard to the need for long durability and functionality. The sanitary container can also be equipped for people with reduced mobility.

Why choose a sanitary container from Warex?

Lengths up to 10 meters, width up to             3.5 meters and height up to 3.5 meters

We implement on request fire resistence and any other technical solutions above standard design

Variability, individual solutions, customer service

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Modular Buildings – Social background for sports hall

Place of construction: Svitavy CZ | Type: MODULAR BUILDINGS | Year: 2018 Place of construction: Svitavy CZ
Year: 2018

In 2018 we completed another construction of residential modules - social facilities for sports. It is a ground-floor building with a cold roof and suspended facade MPL