Building containers


The module must be relatively light and compact in size so that it can be easily loaded and transported with a normal truck, and also easily fitted in the designated location.


Today's building container has come a long way from         the former unsightly site barracks. In addition to                   the exterior and interior appearance, in particular thermal comfort and fire resistance have also improved considerably. There are many changes and the most important thing is that the module is really modular. Infinite variations for use in modular construction can be produced. It can have different standards of materials used, varying numbers of windows and doors, and can be adapted to connect with other modules to create a larger room. The possibilities are endless and depend primarily on the plans of the client.

Why choose a Warex building cell?

Lengths up to 10 meters, width up to         3.5 meters and height up to 3.5 meters

We implement on request fire resistence and any other technical solutions above standard design

Variability, individual solutions, customer service

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Office set 34 containers

Place of construction: Czechia | Type: MODULAR BUILDINGS | Year: 2019 Place of construction: Czechia
Year: 2019

Office set of 34 containers, sanitary container and a staircase with a platform included.