Sports facilities

Sports facilities and modular constructions

Modular constructions are particularly suitable for sports facilities. In particular, financial profitability comes in here, as well as the easy expansion of the construction if necessary. Often, sports facilities arise gradually, starting with changing rooms and sanitary facilities, followed by a gym and equipment store after a while or a club office, restaurant, sauna, etc.

Warex - Modulové stavby

The most typical realizations

The most typical applications are at football fields, athletic stadiums or tennis courts. However, examples of the use of modular buildings can be found in almost every sport sector.

Social background

Children’s playgrounds can also be considered a sports facility. There are an increasing number of modular buildings for sanitary facilities of playgrounds and sometimes also cafés, which have to meet the demands of a modern, functional and pleasant meeting place.

Warex - Modulové stavby

Club facilities and children’s playgrounds

At sports ground facilities, we can see simple applications of changing rooms and sanitary facilities, and also more extensive club projects. Complex club facilities also include training halls and winter training gyms, a regeneration and wellness area, as well as club offices and showrooms.
Often sports facilities also include a kiosk, a café, or a restaurant. In some cases, the club complex may also include accommodation that is used in tournaments and competitions or simply as another commercial activity of the club.

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Modular Buildings – Social background for sports hall

Place of construction: Svitavy CZ | Type: MODULAR BUILDINGS | Year: 2018 Place of construction: Svitavy CZ
Year: 2018

In 2018 we completed another construction of residential modules - social facilities for sports. It is a ground-floor building with a cold roof and suspended facade MPL

Sports facilities FC DUKLA

Place of construction: Czechia | Type: MODULAR BUILDINGS | Year: 2018 Place of construction: Czechia
Year: 2018

We implemented a two-storey assembly of residential modules, including an outdoor staircase and a terrace. It is a sports facility with changing rooms, toilets and showers.