Schools and nurseries

Modular nursery building

The possibility of building a nursery as a modular building has undeniable advantages. Natural demographic development means that sometimes there are simply not enough nurseries and sometimes too many. The modular building concept allows you to respond quickly to needs and, once the need is no longer present, refit the building for another purpose or remove it altogether. Another advantage is the possibility of using a tried and tested solution multiple times with the same assignment in production and change only the resulting colour.

Warex - Modulové stavby

Functionality of modular nurseries

Building a nursery is always a challenge for modular construction. Unlike offices, these modular buildings have to fulfil several different functions. Children play, sleep and eat there. Sufficient sanitary facilities are important, as are storage rooms, cloakrooms and food preparation facilities. Everything must be cosy, colourful and playful – children do not like the industrial style.

Light and heat

It is important to have enough light as well as good thermal parameters. Here, the variability of the modular solution is most apparent, and it is possible to show all the possibilities of space arrangement and use of various types of individual modules or residential units.

Warex - Modulové stavby

Other modular school facilities

Modular buildings are also used in education for specialised secondary schools. These schools are not attended by enough pupils to pay for large-scale constructions using a reinforced concrete frame, and so on. Modular constructions offer an economically efficient and elegant solution to meet the specific needs of the school.

If the school lacks a sufficient number of specialised classrooms in the main building of the school, it is possible to complete the necessary infrastructure on the school grounds. These can be, for example, laboratories, a library, or multimedia reading rooms. Residential halls, student dormitories and school sports facilities are also common modular constructions.

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We choose from realizations

Kindergarten ANGEL from a modular container construction

Place of construction: Prague | Type: MODULAR BUILDINGS | Year: 2017 Place of construction: Prague
Year: 2017

WAREX spol. s r.o. implemented a very nice project of the Kindergarten in Prague 4 in cooperation with the architectural office PIKAZ s.r.o. We are pleased that our building has become one of the registered buildings in the Czech Architecture Prize 2018 competition.

Long-term rental of a kindergarten

Place of construction: Czechia | Type: MODULAR BUILDINGS | Year: 2020 Place of construction: Czechia
Year: 2020

The building is a project of long-term rental of a kindergarten for 20 to 25 children with underfloor heating, SDK design with Cetris facade cladding with a built-up area of ​​173m².

Modular buildings – Police school

Place of construction: Germany | Type: MODULAR BUILDINGS | Year: 2020 Place of construction: Germany
Year: 2020

47 modules with a built-up area of ​​approx. 922m², with an adjusted external module height of 3.3m.