Container houses

Container house for living and recreation

The term container house is primarily used for modular constructions. In recent years this phrase has become very popular as a sign of the low-cost construction of small houses and especially weekend houses in the countryside. It is therefore primarily a sign for private buildings intended for housing and recreation, although somewhat paradoxically its name expresses its technical solution. As far as technical design and visual appearance are concerned, the same applies to a container house as for a modular house.

We can see projects that you would never guess were modular. However, there are also residential units for a weekend in the countryside, where the technical solution is obvious, but its origins as a container can be masked by cladding.

Warex - Modulové stavby
Warex - Modulové domy

Examples of typical uses of container houses

In general, container houses are becoming increasingly popular around the world, especially because they offer modern and stylish living and, thanks to lower construction costs, are affordable for more people. The popularisation of this solution is largely due to young architects, who often focus on this trend and often create completely novel and trendy solutions. The advantage of further possible expansion of the house according to the changing needs of the family is also significant.

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We choose from realizations

Modular Buildings – Social housing

Place of construction: CZ | Type: MODULAR BUILDINGS | Year: 2019 Place of construction: CZ
Year: 2019

Social housing intended for Sweden. Modular construction from two modular containers.