Even small deeds can help

23. 06. 2020 | BACKSTAGE NEWS

We have been cooperating with the pulmonary outpatient clinic in Jeseník for at least 3 years, where they provide us with a special spirometry examination (special examination, which is a legal requirement for types of work that are categorized at risk of dust and pollutants in the air in category 3 and higher = probability of occupational disease) for our employees in the field of welder and painter, now also for assembly workers.

After the reconstruction and relocation of the surgery within the Jeseník polyclinic, the waiting room had obsolete equipment, which was worse to maintain, especially during the coronavirus period, and had no backrests, which caused patient discomfort and wall abrasion.

Our company therefore agreed with the representative of the pulmonary outpatient clinic in Jeseník to provide a sponsorship gift – a chair in the number of 10 pieces (in the photo only 9, one will be used in the surgery).