Primary school

28. 05. 2024 | BACKSTAGE NEWS

We designed and built a private primary school. The assembly is built from 12 residential modules. The building has three classrooms, a food dispensing room, a classroom and sanitary facilities. The heating of the building is solved by a heat pump. Modules can be easily added, removed or relocated to accommodate the changing needs of the school. This is useful for schools that are growing or changing their pedagogical approaches. Modular schools can be easily dismantled and moved to another location. This is useful for schools that need temporary space. Schools are designed to provide a healthy indoor environment for students and educators. They are made of low-emission materials and have good ventilation systems. Modular schools are built from pre-manufactured modules that are easily assembled on site. This makes construction much faster than traditional construction methods. This is particularly important in areas where there is an urgent need for new school space. For example, a modular school building can be built in just a few months, whereas a traditional building would take up to a year.