Sales stalls

30. 09. 2022 | BACKSTAGE NEWS

Residential modules can be used for their variability as sales stands, service or buffets, bistros, cafes, fast or street food, flower shops, etc. These stalls can be equipped with both sales or service equipment as well as installation of equipment for the preparation of refreshments. The advantage of the modular construction is its mobility, where it is possible to When changing the place of business, the module assembly can be moved.

The interiors of individual stands can be adapted to the customer’s needs, e.g. separate facilities for staff, separate food preparation area, separately accessible sanitary facilities, etc.

Of course, there are also various cladding options.  These can be ventilated facades with wooden cladding or metal cladding (Dekmetall), or with composite panels. Another option is a contact insulation system. Alternatively, leave the admitted module without additional cladding.

See reference buildings: cafe park, bistro, bicycle repair shop.