Warex celebrates 30 years on the market

06. 08. 2021 | BACKSTAGE NEWS

History of Warex, one of the largest Czech manufacturers of modular buildings
began 30 years ago. The company started with the production of containers in its own production plant. This was followed in 1996 by the production of prefabricated houses and four years later by the production of steel structures. In 2018, production of replacement buildings began. Today, the company employs more than 184 people and has a turnover of 380 million euros. The company’s production capacity is 380,000 CZK.

“For me, the company’s anniversary means looking back at all our achievements. During the company’s existence, we have produced more than 60,000 residential and sanitary containers and completed more than 500 industrial and civil buildings. We focus on products that meet strict international standards. We are adaptable, and we individually address our customers’ requirements. We have our own research and development and are fully self-sufficient in production. We have redesigned our logo. We believe that the design should reflect the development and changes taking place in the company. We are now offering family houses. I look forward to the continued successful development of our company.” said Ing. Antonín Fryč, CSc. managing director of Warex spol. s r.o.

Warex has long been a reliable partner to its customers.