COVID-19 and life in Warex

30. 03. 2020 | BACKSTAGE NEWS

Even in times of emergency in the Czech Republic and stated quarantine conditions, production of residential containers and steel structures in our production plants in Jeseník and Javorník continues. It is absolutely necessary to maintain production, mainly for 2 reasons:

Fulfilling the agreed delivery dates increases the trust and shows that we are responsible and relying business partner, that is able to operate even in difficult times of crisis. In addition, residential containers are often used in crisis, eg as a temporary bases for border controls, temporary collection points, etc.

The second reason is equally important. Warex is one of the leading employers in the Jeseníky region. Our effort will be to maintain the jobs for our employees. Experienced workers with sufficient qualifications are a key factor in the production of residential containers and steel structures.

We have the advantage that we rely mainly on manpower from the region to produce residential containers and steel structures in our factories. This also helps to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19.

We protect our employees, use of face masks and other protective equipment in production plants, as well that the safe distance between workers is ensured in meaning of maximum possibilities for terms of production technologies.

Especially after the end of the coronavirus pandemic, it will be shown how important it was to maintain production and employment in the region.