Do you have insufficient kindergarten or school capacity?

04. 07. 2023 | BACKSTAGE NEWS

Take advantage of modular construction.

Advantages of the modular solution:

Flexibility and adaptability. This allows the nursery to adapt to different needs and requirements, for example when increasing or decreasing capacity, reorganising space or adding additional modules.

Mobility: modules can be easily moved to other locations. This allows the nursery to respond to changes in demand for the nursery in different areas or when temporary facilities are needed during renovation or construction of a new building.

Speed of construction. The modular modules are pre-manufactured and ready to install, reducing construction time and minimising discomfort caused by construction work in the surrounding area.

Financial efficiency: modular nurseries often offer lower construction and operating costs compared to traditional construction. Modules are manufactured in an industrial setting using mass production, which can lead to lower costs. In addition, modular nurseries often offer energy efficient solutions, which can reduce operating energy costs.

Quality and standardisation: modular nurseries are manufactured with an emphasis on quality and standardisation. Modules undergo strict quality checks during the manufacturing process and meet pre-defined standards and regulations. This ensures a higher quality and safer environment for the children.

Expandability and modification: the modular nursery allows for easy expansion and modification in the future. As the number of children increases or the requirements of the nursery operation change, additional modules can be added or the layout of existing modules can be modified.

These advantages make the modular nursery an attractive option for providers looking for a fast, flexible and cost-effective solution for delivering nursery education.

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