Modular houses in Chanov

10. 10. 2020 | BACKSTAGE NEWS

Warex is interested in participating in the renovation of the well-known Chanov housing estate. City officials took inspiration from the so-called “chunk houses” in Vsetín. In 2006, Warex, in cooperation with the city of Vsetín, built social housing for 40 families as a solution to the problematic and unsustainable situation in the city center. It was the absolute first and groundbreaking project of modular housing for social purposes of the then mayor of Vsetín, which robustly decided to end the “house of horrors” by demolishing place, where 230 Roma lived in the center of Vsetín in absolutely desperate hygienic and social conditions.

Despite criticism that was often very emotional, it was very helpful for the comunity itself even in correcting behaviour of socially incompatible citizens. Modular social housing is yet successfully in service for 16 years and it still provides its tenants with clean, purposefull and suitable flats, which they pay rent for.

The city of Most decided to change its approach to this locality for social purposes and instead of further repairs to the existing panel houses, it decided to demolish some of them to give place for modular houses that will be built instead. If this solution proves successful in Most as well, city wants to continue in this way and gradually replace unsuitable and damaged panel houses with new modular constructions.

Warex offers its almost 30 years of experience with the implementation of modular houses, including all accompanying work so that living can be started here immediately.