Warex containers help at the borders

01. 04. 2020 | BACKSTAGE NEWS

In connection with the reintroduction of border controls as a result of the coronavirus crisis, there has been a need to create facilities for customs officers and soldiers who carry out controls. In principle, the only possible functional solution in this situation is the use of residential containers.

We have agreed with the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic and the Police Presidium Administration of Logistic Support for the use of our B1 type residential containers, which are now used at the border crossings Poštorná, Velká nad Veličkou, Hodonín and Břeclav. The Police Presidium highly rated the speed and accuracy of WAREX assistance. At 4 pm was the police request received and the installation of containers at the borders was operated right the next day.

The advantage of using residential containers is their easy and immediate installation as well as subsequent disposal when border controls will no longer be necessary. In case of need, it is possible to connect the residential containers together and thus increase the required capacity or relocate them to another place where the need for their use arises.

The bases for border controls are an example of the quick and simple use of residential containers. But that doesn’t stop just here. If necessary, we can quickly build even an emergency hospital with all sanitary and administration facilities.