New swap body

14. 01. 2021 | BACKSTAGE NEWS

Due to the constantly increasing demand, the company WAREX spol. s r.o. is developing a new swap body that complements the portfolio of the proven and customers´ popular swap body WAREX C745, of which more than 2,000 pieces have been produced since the beginning of production in 2018.

The WAREX C782 swap body will provide longer loading area and greater loading height. On the contrary, clear width of the swap body will remain unchanged, which enables maximum use of the customers’ current fleet. With this type of swap body, we will help significantly streamline the quantity and speed of transported goods and at the same time significantly reduce the carbon footprint of transported consignments. Construction works of a swap body prototype will be completed during January 2021. The first deliveries after the international certification process for road and rail traffic are planned for March 2021. The WAREX C782 swap body will soon expand the capacities of transportation companies with whom WAREX cooperates closely.

The global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic brings significant changes in the field of logistics management and management of the impact of logistics on the environment. The company WAREX spol. s r.o. is ready to be part of this process together with you and offers you optimized products for your business strategy.